Tiziano Cappiello

Disco-House, Coffee & proud Dad !

Born 1975 in Salerno/Italy, TIZIANO CAPPIELLO started to learn music with piano and guitar lessons. At 12 years old he bought a Commodore Amiga and he began to use different kinds of softwares to produce his first compositions.

After he moved to PC Systems with softwares like Cubase, Soundforge and Wavelab. He learned by himself the basis of composition and orchestral arrangement. In 2011 he moved to Linz/Austria with the family. He has obtained the Audio Engineering Diploma by the SAE Institute Vienna in year 2014.

"Something Beatiful" and the following "Lead Me To The Way" were his first two releases on PulseTone Muted and his also multi-talented daughter "Erica" wrote and sing the vocals for each track.

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