Van Pain

Grandpa rocks - Van Pain

Everything started in the early 80ies, when he worked as a DJ and played Rock in bars. Already in his childhood he found his passion in music when he used to play in suburb-band as drummer. Simultaneous he began to collect Vinyls of every genre, and switched his drumsticks to a pick-up and record-player. His first contact with electronic music happend with Donna Summers - Feel Love and afterwards with Jean Michel Jarr. In the late 2000 after his kids grew up he continoued playing again influented by the new electronic underground movment.

Already a fixed part in the PulseTone Family he still serves massive bubbling Techno and danceable, filthty Deep House Tracks. VAN PAIN is the best exsample to be a artist which still rocks clubs and a great grandfather - age is no excuse to rest.

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