New rising DJ and producer from Lithuania. His music career started as a guitarist, acted in few rock bands, performed live as well as in the studio. Kostas started to spend more time in the studio and to produce various genres of electronic music.

Kostas Kriauciunas aka KUSTA5 started his musical career as a guitarist and performed with several bands live on stage and also as musican in recording studios. He has no professional education at all and his musicanship was hard training. Kostas never got tired of learning, beside playing guitar he started playing an bass and drums. By the time he gained more knowledge about technical background and mixing audio.

The project KUSTA5 was born on an idea to broaden his musical horizon. Beyond playing acustic instruments he started to produce House and Future House music influented by a mix of Dutch and Swedish Arists like Fedde Le Grand, Axwell and Disco styled productions of Gorgio Moroder.

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