INTERVIEW - Short interview with Kusta5 about his new release!

Date: 2017-11-14

CANT GET ENOUGH feat. Alice Way produced by Kostas aka Kusta5 is his second release and available at Amazon, Beatport, Deezer, JunoDownload, iTunes and many other streamable portals! We took a look behind Story behind of the collab between Alice Way and Kusta5.


Interview: (Between the Editor and Kostas)

Q: Hello Kostas, what your are doing these days?

Kostas: I like to spend time in the studio and make new songs. I enjoy creating new song in the studio much more than performing live. In my past days I played a lot of gigs as a guitarist and I guess that was enough :)

Q: Did you visit a music school or did you have guitar lessons in your childhood?

Kostas: I’m not musically trained, but during the time I learned some music theory - to cover basic concepts. It’s not hard – the information is everywhere – you just need to want it ;-) I can arrange the whole rock band (produced few albums in the past).Except from the guitar I can play a little bit on bass, drums and keys - not to perform live – but good enough for the studio work.

Q: How did you meet Alice Way ?

Kostas: I met Alice Way through her former producer – a friend of mine. She was searching for the way to perform her new program in one of the local festivals in Lithuania - so we formed a band and played few gigs together. During that time I find out that she is not only a singer, but also and a song writer – so I asked her to join me for the few songs.

Q: What was the basic idea or how was your the production flow ?

Kostas: It’s hard to tell – how exactly we came up with the idea for “Can’t Get Enough”. When I work with a songwriter – I usually send him/her a raw music idea and explain what mood I would like to get form the lyrics / vocal performance. Usually I get 1 – 3 music ideas, choose one and we start to work on the one in the studio. The whole song may change drastically during this process – but in case of “Can’t Get Enough” we stayed with the pretty much the initial idea.