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Label Launch - Introducing our new labels

Date: 2018-05-01

PULSETONE ENERGY and PULSETONE PRESSURE are the next level of trance- und techno-based music in the label history. Two huge buckets that brining more color into the international dance scene.

Therefore it was a long way to get right here, and finally to announce the add of two brand new labels to our Main Label! And here ist the story behind, a Interview between labelowner and the Editor:


Q: Why did it take so long to get the labels PULSETONE ENERGY and PRESSURE runinng, and what was the hardest part.

A: Well, we thought we could start earlier and basically the idea was already given in 2013 short before we launched PULSETONE MUTED. But we didnt expect the huge resonance after we the label launch of MUTED. Even we had personal problems to get all things finished. The hardest part was to find the right way get a plattform were we access to all stores and communicate in pleasant way with our partners.

Q: What can artists, deejays or consumers expect from this kind of evolution

A: A lot, in many ways. At first we improved our artist development to give our already confirmed artists a voice and the feeling to be understood, also for our upcoming artists. Deejays get a higher quality of sound, i mean it is a continious process that evolves with every release, with every album and compilation. So costumers even do benifit of this progression, a huge range of music, bigger compilations, upcomig events. But at least everyone should benefit from this evolution!