Date: 2019-04-05

Introducing in short Sebastian our new PULSETONE RECORDINGS memeber, or better known as MAESTRI. We took a short tour at his hometown Vienna and asked him to give as a few answers about music, interests and further projects.


Interview: (between PLSTR-Editor and MAESTRI)

Q: Everyone who has started a career as a dj or producer has a moment or a reason, what was yours?

MAESTRI: My reason to start making music is the fact that i was so fascinated by people that produced tracks, and how they made them, that i started getting into it.

Q: How did it evolve for you, from the start till nowadays?

MAESTRI: My Knowledge about music and my production level in general is continually evolving  in a kind of slow pace, but i am pretty pleased with the songs that i am making.

Q: What were your goals in your career that you have archived and which are next?

MAESTRI: My first goal was of course to finish a track. After that i wanted to be featured on a label. Both of these two goals i achieved and in the future i would like to grow my fanbase so that more people can share the feelings through my music, get featured on other different labels and maybe have dj‘s playing my music on their sets.

Q: How you start your producing day, whats the important thing or must have on your desk to start?

MAESTRI: My Cup and Coffee 

Q: You are pretty young, so how do you think about the beginning of the electronic music in the early 80/90s and did it touch or affected you?

MAESTRI: Since i was born in the late 90s, i missed the whole beginning of the electronic music. And since i started listening to edm when i was 15 years old, nothing affected me really. The music nowadays is affecting me much more.

Q: Do you have plans for the near future (for exsample: tour, studio, album)?

MAESTRI: My plans for the future, like above, is to get featured different labels have dj‘s playing my music on their sets. Moreover, i would love to get a course about mixing.

Q: What’s your favorite Hardware-/Software-Synth and why?

MAESTRI: I don’t really have a favorite Synthesizer, because there are so many awesome ones out there. The ones i use most are sylenth, massive and spire.

Q: What track is your favorite at the moment?

MAESTRI: My favorite track right now is a remix by Maurice West of the song Lie to Me by Steve Aoki!

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