Interview - Van Pain - Short Q&A

Date: 2020-02-22

On a rainy Saturday afternoon we had luck and could invite Van Pain aka Dj Painful into a small coffee shop for a quick interview about music-producing future plans and his first very first gig as a deejay.

Q: Hi, how did you get into Deejaying and how did you discover it?
VP: It was back in 1980, when i was a guest in a little dance bar,
the resident Dj was sick  and could not play and so i asked the bar owner, if i can have a try.
He agreed and so it started.

Q: So did you started deejaying straight away?
VP: Not on the same evening! One day later i cant remember but i was pretty nervous as i talked into the microphone for my very first time.
It was totally different, i only had two players, no pitch, a old mixer without EQ’s and a bunch of 7“ vinyls.

Q: Which instrument have you learned and do you still play today?
VP: I had learned first playing recorder, and later I had learned the B clarinet. Dont play on it anymore today!

Q: Which artist impressed you the most and why?
VP: Barry Gib von den Bee Gees, his pitch of voice is remarkable!

Q: What is your typical production day or production process like? Are you starting from scratch or are there already prepared projects?
VP: I always start from scratch, i dont like prepared sets or projects to start with.
Otherwise every song, track or remix would sound the same to me. I would rather consciously devote myself to something new and let the process run free. That would cut my down in creativity.

Q: Which Hardware Synth is your Favourite and why?
VP: (laughs) Clavia Nord-Wave, because thats my only Synth i have.
I dont need so much Synths.

Q: Which of your productions was it used for and which parts was the synth used for?
VP: Lax Red - You can hear it after the first break.

Q: Do you still often or generally use outboard equipment?
VP: No really, and i use the Nord-Wave very rare.

Q: And what’s your favourite Software-Synth?
VP: Nexus, and properly the most used for all parts. Easy to work with and sufficient for me.

Q: You have a whole series of releases at the start, is an album a topic for you or do you rather concentrate on single releases?
VP: An album would take too long for me, furthermore I can not decide whether it should be a pure deep house or techno album. I prefer to concentrate on single releases, thats enough for me.

Q:What projects do you have in 2020? Are there any plans, what is the focus for you?
VP: There were no plans at the moment, and i have some non-musical projects that i would like to do or finish this year before i start again.

Q: What is your current favorite track from you?
VP: At the moment from Ilario Alicante - Virgo Echoes.

We say thank you fo the Interview!

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