Amsterdam Calling 2016

Various Artists - Amsterdam Calling 2016

Release date: 2016-11-11

Amsterdam Dance Event is a must for every Dj, Producer and the whole music industrie.

Also fans and electronic dance music lovers around the globe travelling each year to Amsterdam to join this event in hundrets of locations and clubs. Pulsetone Muted pulled out 28 handselected Deep House, Tech House and Techno tracks as a playlist to take you from party to party and also as a remembrance for this event.



  • Educe - Second Epic Original Mix
  • T. Frisenda - Nature Sensation Original Mix
  • Sam One - Dancefloor Mamsonic O10c Mix
  • Burhan - The Honeymooners Original Mix
  • Filtercut - Time Wont Wait Radio Version
  • Ollie S, MackX - Bumper Original Mix
  • Andrea La Rosa - Ondulation Original Mix
  • X FeelinX - Mental Desert Andrew Johnson Remix
  • Chillelektro - Eggum Original Mix
  • Viz - Deep Dream Original Mix
  • L.ap. - Ddt Original Mix
  • Psycho - Global Remix 2016
  • Smooth Cafe Lounge - Face Your House Classic 90s Mix
  • Kambra - French Touch Original Mix
  • Jacques Guzzi - Sampled Mutants Original Mix
  • Reunion Ensemble - Ngoma Original Mix
  • Christian Belt - Endless Original Mix
  • Schall & Klang - Bells Original Mix
  • DJ Lupin - Pompa Original Mix
  • Adam P - Who Is Who Club Version
  • Dominik Vaillant, Christine Lau, Sebastian Schroeder - Keep the Fire Original Mix
  • DJ EEF - I Love You DJ Al1 Remix
  • Silvio Rodrigues - The Interview Original Mix
  • Pl@nlos - Lucy Sky Diamonds Original Mix
  • B.u.g - No Luv Original Mix
  • Andy Lane - Ignorance Original Mix
  • Mr. Rog - Napoli Original Mix
  • Dominik Stuppy - Fuck Haters Original Mix






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Amsterdam Calling 2016


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